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Jolie Giving Heart Fund

The memory of Jolie McFarland will continue within the rescue community as a wonderful young lady with a giving heart and smile that would light up a room.

Jolie loved animals and was always wanting to help as many as she could. Her best friend Charlie and her grew up together and had a fierce bond.

She once helped rescue a kitten crying in a bush and got it to rescue so they would be safe. We were the lucky rescue that was able to help the kitten and found a loving home.

The Goode Life rescue will continue to pass on Jolie’s giving heart by blessing 1 family a month from the Jolie Giving Heart Fund.

Each month we will either help a family in need with a medical bill, sponsor an adoption fee for an animal, or help with vet care for an injured dog/cat, purchase preventive medicines, help with therapy training, etc.

We feel blessed and honored to be chosen to continue with Jolie’s love for animals and helping others.

Please watch for monthly updates with families and animals that have received this gift of kindness.

And as a community, please pass it on.... You will never regret helping someone in need....

Jolie Giving Heart Recipients

Click an Image to learn more about the recipient

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